We are honored to have three prominent leaders judge the 2017 RWJF-APIC Award.  


                                           Daniel E. Dawes, JD, is an attorney, administrator and author who has led numerous efforts to address                                                health policy issues impacting diverse populations in urban and rural communities both domestically                                                and globally. He currently leads Morehouse School of Medicine’s government relations, health policy                                                and external affairs initiatives and serves as General Counsel and Senior Adviser to the Satcher Health                                              Leadership Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. His extensive legal, policy, administration, education, research                                              and government experiences and focus on health reform, health equity, and health system                                                                  transformation has made him widely sought after by governmental and non-governmental entities.  His                                            work bridges research, healthcare, population health and public health, and takes an interdisciplinary and community-engaged approach to develop effective and innovative solutions in order to tackle healthcare, behavioral health and public health issues.  He founded and chaired the largest advocacy group focused on developing comprehensive legislation to reform the health care system and address the disparities in health care and health status among vulnerable groups in the United States. He is the author of the groundbreaking and best-selling health policy book, 150 Years of ObamaCare, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.


                                          DJ Ida, PhD, has devoted her career to improving the overall quality of life for Asian Americans, Native                                               Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders and rethinking how we identify health, recognizing that mental health is                                           essential to achieving health equity.  She was the inaugural awardee of the 2016 RWJF-APIC Award for                                             Health Equity. She began her advocacy over four decades ago as she helped establish the Asian                                                       American Educational Opportunity Program. She then helped start the Asian Pacific Development                                                     Center, a specialty mental health clinic in Denver, and the National Asian American Pacific Islander                                                     Mental Health Association, NAAPIMHA. She continues to work towards change and health equity in her                                           policy, training and advocacy work.  She was the lead author for the document Integrated Care for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders: A blueprint for action that was funded by the Office of Minority Health.  Access is often cited as key to eliminating health disparities but often there is little for communities to access. Dr. Ida therefore helped create numerous curricula to improve the workforce.  This includes the Achieving Whole Health to train community members to learn how to make healthy decisions by integrating the body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Ida says her greatest joy is working with the community to create a healthier environment.


                                        Carmen R. Nevarez, MD, MPH, is Public Health Institute's VP for External Relations and Preventive                                                       Medicine Advisor; Director, Center for Health Leadership and Practice; and creator of Dialogue4Health, a                                           web-based center using webinars, a social network, and other resources to encourage collaboration                                                 between the prevention community and communities whose work impacts health. A long-standing voice                                         for the public's health, Dr. Nevarez develops relationships with health and public health organizations and                                 interests, advocates for public health, and incubates new project areas at PHI. She positions PHI for                                                   further partnerships and initiatives, domestically and abroad. Dr. Nevarez has served as Director of Health and Human Services Department and Health Officer for City of Berkeley, medical director of La Clinica de la Raza, an Oakland-based Federally Qualified Health Center, and medical director of San Diego based Beach Area Community Clinic. She was elected President of American Public Health Association in 2009, and served as Chair of the Board of Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, President of California Public Health Association – North, and founding chair of Center for Public Health Advocacy.

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