Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

Founded: 1976

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​Primary Address:

     16161 Ventura Boulevard #388,

     Encino, CA 91436
Corporate Organization #: C3736447
EIN #: 47-2331258

2012 Award of Excellence

in continuing education by APHA

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Board of Directors

APIC is the Vision & Voice for Asian & Pacific Islander Public Health and Health Equity.  Our mission is to advance the health and health equity of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States, associated jurisdictions, and the diaspora, in affiliation with the American Public Health Association.​


  • Be a resource to the American Public Health Association (hereafter called APHA) for persons with an interest in the practice, research, education, policy, and advocacy of the diverse Asian and Pacific Islander population health issues.
  • Cultivate APIC members to become leaders within the APHA.
  • Promote the professional development of APIC members and students through networking, information sharing, and mentoring.
  • Be a liaison for individuals and organizations dedicated to serving Asian and Pacific Islander communities to the APHA.
  • Provide a forum for the analysis, interpretation, recommendations and dissemination of current research and policy that affect Asian and Pacific Islander population health in the United States and associated jurisdictions.

About APIC

Organization Profile

Biosketches for the Board of Directors

  • Angela Sy, President & CEO ( (
  • Gabe Garcia, Vice President (
  • Elena Ong, Immediate Past President (​
  • Suparna Navale, Caucus Director (
  • Maria Paz Carlos, Caucus Director (
  • Lan Doan, Caucus Director (
  • Niki Bannister, Communications Director (
  • Serena Phillips, Membership Director (
  • Chari Cohen, Policy Chair (
  • Shijian Li, Program Director (
  • Feng Qian, Program Director-Elect (
  • Yousra Yusuf, Corporate Secretary (
  • Vananh Nguyen, Treasurer (
  • Harold Custodio, Student Representative (
  • Brittany Morey, Student Representative (