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Young Professional and Students Meet & Greet

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Welcome to the website of the

Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus

for Public Health.

APIC is the Vision & Voice for Asian & Pacific Islander Public Health and Health Equity.  Our mission is to advance the health and health equity of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States, associated jurisdictions, and the diaspora, in affiliation with the American Public Health Association.

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APIC 2016 Conference  Denver, CO

APIC Board meets every second Tuesday of the month.

Please contact our president ( for details to participate in the meetings and/or obtain copy of the meeting minutes.

The 2017-2018 open positions on the APIC Board of Directors are:

We’d like you to apply, or recommend exceptional leaders, for APIC’s Board of Directors who will help us grow APIC. We are looking for board members who have expertise in corporate and non-profit fundraising, grant writing and board development. 

Let us know if you're planning on running by 5 PM Pacific Time, September 13, 2017, by sending your name and the position you intend on running for to Jennifer Kue at  Please submit all materials (resume, contact info, <250 word essay) by 11:59PM Pacific Time September 17, 2017to

Vice-President (3-year term)
The VP will serve as VP starting November 2017, become President in November 2018, and Immediate Past President in November 2019.  This is an excellent fit for a non-profit or business leader with exceptional management, fundraising, grant-writing, and event organization skills.  In order to be eligible to apply, you must be an APIC member in good standing since October 2016.

 Treasurer (2-year term)
The Treasurer will work closely with the Board to manage financial accounts and transactions for the Caucus. This role is best fit for an individual with experience in non-profit financial management and budgeting.

Caucus Director I (2-year term)
The Caucus Director serves as a liaison between the Caucus and internal and external APHA groups. Working with other Caucus Directors, this person will fundraise, organize the APAHM Webinar & the Best Published Paper Awards Selection Process, and performs other Special Projects as assigned.  This is a superlative fit for a leader with exceptional management, fundraising, grant-writing and event organization skills.

 Caucus Director II (2-year term)
The Caucus Director II will work closely with the Caucus Directors to carry out all the official duties of the Caucus.

 Membership Director  (2-year term)
The Membership Director oversees the growth and retention of the membership of the Caucus and is an ideal role for an enthusiastic, outgoing, and creative leader with excellent public relations and communication skills.

Program Director-Elect  (2-year term)
The Program-Director Elect will work closely with the Program Director for one year and subsequently transition to the role of the Program Director in November, 2018.

 Student Director/ Young Professional Director II (a 2 year term)
The Student/Young Professional Director II works with the Student/Young Professional Director I to organize the APIC Mentorship Roundtable and the APIC Students & Young Professionals Meet & Greet. This is an exceptional opportunity for a student leader with exceptional organizing and leadership skills.

Please note: All directors must be official members of the Caucus at the time of nomination, and during the term(s) of service. Candidates for VP and Program Director-Elect must have been a Caucus member at least one year prior to nomination.

To be a successful candidate who will compete for the September nomination, and the September election:
1.    Indicate which position you would like to be considered for.  Provide your full name, degrees, address, e-mail, skype and social media addresses, cell phone number, and your 100% commitment to roll-up your sleeves to “think big and implement even bigger” to get the job done.
2.    Submit a <250 word bio essay on what you’ve accomplished, the skills and resources you would bring to the organization, and what you would like to accomplish during the term of office.
3.    Submit your resume and a list of activities you’ve organized and/or a list of publications.
4.    Should you be selected by the APIC Nominating Committee to run in the APIC BOD Election by the end of September, and win the October election, be poised to meet at least once a month by conference call, starting November 2017. BOD members are expected to attend all monthly conference calls.

5.    Should you win the APIC Election, you would be committing to attending the APHA Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2017 and in San Diego, California in November 2018.




Past Events in 2015: 

APIC Calls on Congress to Pass the DREAM Act

The Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health (APIC) strongly condemns President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program.  For over five years, the DACA program has provided temporary protection from deportation and the ability to obtain a work permit for over 800,000 children and young adults, including from Asia, primarily South Korea and the Philippines. The Department of Homeland Security will stop accepting new applications and the program will terminate in six months.

“APIC stands with immigrant youth, and we will fight to make sure they are safe and maintain the protections to continue to live healthy and productive lives in the U.S. The decision to end the DACA program is appalling and reneges on the promise the federal government made years ago to ensure young people had the opportunity to have a better life and live without fear of deportation,” said Gabe Garcia, PhD, APIC president and CEO. “As an immigrant, this issue is near and dear to my heart. DACA recipients are our family, friends, and our students, including aspiring public health researchers and scientists, who now live in fear and uncertainty about their bright futures. And living in fear and uncertainty leads to stress that is certainly not healthy in our community.”

 APIC calls on Congress to find solutions and immediately pass the bipartisan DREAM Act of 2017, providing a legal pathway to citizenship for immigrants who came to the U.S. as children – Americans who have contributed significantly to the growth and success of our communities.

​​APIC 2015

Awards Ceremony

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Asian American and Pacific Islander Mental Health Alliance​

APIC 2016 Young Professional and Students Meet & Greet